Commissioned Composer

In 1962 MMTA established a program of commissioning works by Missouri composers; the first such commission was awarded to Merrill Ellis, a former president of the Association. Commissioned compositions are performed that the MMTA state conference each year.

2022Yotam Haber
2021Yotam Haber
2020Yoshi Onishi
2019Bret Bohman
2018Carolina HerediaDRAX
2017Ben Stevenson
2016Derek JenkinsUnfinished list of the things I Love
2015Chin Ting ChanCross-currents for Solo Violin
2014Wang A. MaoColors of China
2013 Tyler CappUrban Predators for 2 Bass Clarinet
2012Nicholas S OmiccioliFuneral Symphony for Bassoon, Violin, Viola, and Violoncello
2011Martin KennedyBalistics for Two Pianos
2010Peiying YuanGarapan for Flute, Clarinet, Cello, and Piano
2009Narong PrangcharoenBetween Heaven and Earth for Flute an Piano
2008Christopher Biggs10-33 for Clarinet and Computer
2007Jason BolteScrap Metal for Piano and Mixed Media
2006Hu Xiao-OuSoul for Piano
2005Mukai KoheiFantasie-Bagatelles on Japanese Children’s Songs for Piano
2004Stefan FreundScreams and Grooves for Saxophone and Piano
2003Stephen PrutsmanMirror Scherzo for String Trio
2002Leonard Mark LewisTrio of Time for Flute, Cello, and Piano
2001 Allen Myers Striking Resemblance for Multi-percussion soloist and 2-Channel Electronics
2000Paul D. Rudy Church Keys for Piano and Tape
1999John Akins Five Etudes for Piano
1998Kelly Vernon MahonVibrations for Voice, Flute and Tape
1997Robert Fruehwald Purse Coins for Marimba and Interactive Electronics
1996Robert CooperThe Knotted Chord’s Untying for Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello, and Piano
1995James CrowleyHeroic Journey Concerto for Solo Piano, Winds, and Percussion
1994Reynold SimpsonSonata for Soprano, Saxophone, and Piano
1993Warren GoochBlues for LA for Brass Ensemble
1992Kim PortnoyMeditation and Frenzy for Alto Saxophone and Piano
1991Renee Silas WatersMini-Merica for Brass Quintet
1990Michael F. Hunt 
1989John PrescottNew Mosses from an Old Manse for Violin, Cello, Piano, and Computer Electronics
1988John Cheetham Amulets for Oboe, Cello, and Piano
1987James MobberlyCaution In the Wind for Piano and Tape
1985W. Thomas McKennyCircles for Electronic Tape and Laser Beam
1983Charles W. SmithGolden Geometrics, Suite for Organ
1981Harold BlumenfeldLa Face Cendree, Two Prose Poems from Arthur Rimbaud’s “Illuminations” for Medium Voice, Cello, and Piano
1980John AkinsMovement for Woodwind Quintet
1979Ronald ShroyerTrio for Trombone, Percussion, and Piano
1978Rhian SamuelIntimation of Immortality for Tenor, String Orchestra, and Five Solo instruments
1977F. M. GilmourVariations (Etude) for Piano
1976Walter J. HalenTwo Poems of Dance “Pas de Deux” and “Tarantella” to texts by Robert C. Jones
1975Gerald KemnerSonata for Violin and Piano
1974Robert WykesFantasy No. 2 for Piano
1973John E. CheethamOrchestral Suite
1972Walter KaufmannString Quartet
1970 W. Thomas McKenneyThree Miniatures for Piano, One Electronic Piece for Synthesizer, Three Trajectories for Quartet
1969David Alex GordonBright Halls of Freedom for Voice
1968Donald A.J. BohlenAutumn Generation (joint commission MTNA/MMTA) Robert Jones, text; Richard Manson, film, String Orchestra
1963Merrill Ellis“Scintillation” for piano

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