Pre-Collegiate Auditions


DISTRICT REGISTRATION DEADLINE: August 22,2021 (St. Louis), September 1, 2021 (all others)

  1. Fill our the registration form found in the general audition information page.
  2. After registering all students, proceed to the State online payment section available here (opens in the same window). Make sure you pay all fees at that time.
  3. Wait to receive the schedule.

Online Payment

Online payment is available here for state.

Online Application Deadlines

MMTA District Vary by District, Completed by September 19, 2021
State Auditions:October 6, 2021
District IMichelle Rautmann 
District IIXin Gao
District IIIAine Wendler 
District IVNancy Dreier 
District VWei-Han Su 
District VIKyu Butler 
District VIIEmily Parker 

State Auditions Date and Location

Location:University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
Audition Date:November 11-14, 2021

Application fees

State Auditions:$36
Member Teacher Registration Fee:N/A
Non-member Teacher Registration Fee:$100

How to register for State Auditions online

Information for state auditions registration is found in the “auditions” page. Please wait to register after all district auditions have concluded.

How to check the schedule and room

  1. This information will be sent directly to each teacher that has students registered.

Sheet Music Regulation

  • Your students must bring original scores with measures numbered and all personal identifying marks are covered or removed.
  • Photocopies may not be made in order to avoid purchasing scores needed for performers, accompanists, or adjudicators.


Please have your MMTA students check in with the ROOM MONITOR of their assigned room at least 30 minutes before their scheduled audition time. (No check-in for Pre-Collegiate students at the registration desk but do so at the scheduled room)

Practice Room

You will find the practice rooms on the campus. The practice time will be scheduled and announced in advance.  The room schedule will be posted each room.

Student Identification Number

Please instruct your students to remember their student ID number as this is how they will be addressed during the audition.


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