MTNA Competitions

Registration for the MTNA State competitions in Missouri has now closed.  General competition guidelines can be found on the MTNA national website: Click Here for the MTNA general competition guidelines

The competitions are all online this year.  Each competitor/teacher will receive an email from the appropriate MTNA Chair with their competitor number.  Use this number when creating the YouTube channel and uploading videos.  Each selection should be a separate video, and make sure to copy the link for each video and submit all information through the Google Form link below.  This is the document that the judges will use to view the videos.  Please keep in mind that the competitions are anonymous and a competitor or teacher’s name should not be listed anywhere.  Click Here for the Video Submission Google Form

Here is a tutorial video on how to create an unlisted YouTube channel: Click Here for YouTube Tutorial

The deadline for uploading videos and submitting links via the Google Form is Sunday, October 25th by midnight.  Please check the links to make sure they all work, as an unlisted YouTube channel cannot be found without a link, even if it is searched for online by name.  After the deadline has passed, it will be a couple more weeks before results are available.  Depending on the time that it take to adjudicate all state competitions (MTNA and MMTA), these should be available sometime around Sunday, November 8th.

What is new this year for the online competitions?

  • Accompanists for accompanied pieces are not required at the state level this year, but are allowed if the competitor chooses to record with one.  Recordings or accompaniment software are allowed in lieu of live accompaniment
  • Submission of scores (electronically or otherwise) is not required this year, due to copyright law.  If asked to produce an original score, competitors should be able to provide proof of ownership
  • It is ok to record more music than allotted by the performance time limit (20 minutes for Junior competitions; 25 for Senior competitions; 30 for Young Artist), but the competitor should try not to exceed 40 minutes of video.  As usual, the judge will decide what to listen to and what to skip over if the videos exceed the time limit
  • The competitor and accompanist (if applicable) should be visible in the video.  For categories requiring memorization (voice and piano), make sure it is obvious that there is no sheet music present.  For piano videos, make sure hands, face, and the inside of the piano are visible.  If possible, also have the pedals in view.