What’s New For the 2020 Online Auditions

– Videos will be submitted online via YouTube

– Contestants will be anonymous (by name) and will submit videos via an assigned competitor number provided after registration.

– Judges will be instructed to assess the quality of musicianship displayed, rather than recording and instrument quality.

– The choice of using accompaniment (in repertoire that normally includes it) is not required and is at the discretion of the competitor/teacher. A pre-recorded or online accompaniment can be substituted in place of live accompaniment.

– Musical scores (hard copy or electronic) are not required for either MMTA or MTNA this year due to copyright law. It would be good to keep an original copy on hand, in the rare instance that a judge might request it for a more obscure or unknown work.

– MMTA competitor fees have been reduced to $25/entry for both District and State this year. The MMTA Teacher Fee has also been suspended since there are no live auditions.

– Repertoire requirements for all categories (including memorization, when applicable) remain the same as in past years. Please refer to the Handbook regarding guidelines on maximum video length (up to 20 minutes for Pre-Collegiate and up to 30 minutes for Collegiate).


MMTA (Missouri Music Teachers Association) coordinates pre-collegiate auditions at the district and state levels and college-level auditions at the state level.  During the state auditions each year, the MMTA auditions run concurrently with the state level of MTNA (Music Teachers National Association)’s national competitions.


To view or download the Auditions Handbook,please click here.


MMTA District AuditionsOnline registration is now closed.
MMTA State Honors Auditions Pre-CollegiateOnline application is now closed..
MMTA State Honors Auditions CollegiateOnline application is now closed.

Application Deadlines

MMTA District  Sept. 6 at 11:59 pm
MMTA State Honors Auditions:Oct. 18 at 11:59 pm
MTNA State Competitions: 

MMTA District Auditions

Video Submission Deadline:Sep. 20 at 11:59pm

MMTA State Auditions and MTNA Competition Date and Location

Video Submission Deadline:Oct. 25 at 11:59pm

MMTA State Auditions Schedule (This section is not applicable for year 2020)

The State Auditions schedule will be released after the state registration was processed.  Once it is ready you will be noticed to your registered email address.

Pre-Collegiate PianoN/A
Pre-Collegiate StringsN/A
Pre-Collegiate BrassN/A
Pre-Collegiate WoodwindN/A
Pre-Collegiate PercussionN/A
Pre-Collegiate VoiceN/A
Collegiate StringsN/A
Collegiate other categoriesN/A

MMTA Application fees (Available online payment)

Pre-Collegiate District:$25
Collegiate & Pre-Collegiate State Auditions:$25
Non-member Teachers Registration Fee$100 for District Auditions only
Member Teachers Registration Fee:Exempted, 2020

For MTNA Competitions, please see here.


Please contact each chair of MMTA State Honors Auditions and MTNA Competitions.

TitleName (Click to Email)
MMTA Co-VP AuditionsJason Hausback
Kyu Butler, NCTM
MMTA Pre-Collegiate State Auditions ChairJennifer McAtee
MMTA Collegiate Auditions ChairHyunki Yoon
MTNA Composition Competitions ChairJacob Gotlib
MTNA Pre-Collegiate Competitions ChairDaniel Ketter
MTNA Collegiate Competitions ChairSharla Bender

District chairs of MMTA District Honors Auditions

DistrictChair (Click name for email)
District 1Michelle Rautmann
District 2Xin Gao
District 3Aine Wendler
District 4Nancy Dreier
District 5Wei-Han Su
District 6Kyu Butler
District 7Emily Parker